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NPPL to EASA conversion

We will endeavour to process all NPPL licence and class rating applications as quickly as possible in the lead up to the 08th April 2018. This currently represents the date by which a pilot must hold a NPPL(A) with SSEA or SLMG rating in order to take advantage of conversion to Part-FCL licences as detailed in CAP 804 Section 4 Part P.

NPPL Advisers who are volunteers with work and other commitments issue advice on rectification of errors or omissions within NPPL applications. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for review of your application.

Applications for Part-FCL licences must be sent directly to the UK CAA. Please do not send your LAPL(A) applications with your NPPL application.

The Light Aircraft Association strongly recommend applicants use 08th MARCH 2018 as the deadline to reach our offices, to allow 10 working days for the LAA to review your application and send to the CAA, then a further 10 working days for issue of your licence at the CAA as per their website.


CAP1441 is a table setting out PPL Licence privileges, type of aircraft to be flown and medical requirements.


GA pilots told to stay legal as April licence deadline approaches


Licence Time Bomb - don't get caught out! More information can be found here.

The new Pilot Medical Declaration form can be found here.


Current Fees as from 1st Janaury 2018

Grant of a NPPL £108.00
Addition of Rating to Existing NPPL £ 60.00
Addition of Rating to Existing PPL £ 60.00
Removal of Op Limitations £ 11.55