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Flying to France on a NPPL (SSEA)


We are advised that the French arête is in place providing permission for NPPL holders, who obtain a certificate of ICAO compliance, to fly to France without further formal permission.

The basic requirement is for NPPL holders to obtain an ICAO class 2 medical. French AMEs offer them.  Additionally, a CAA flight examiner must verify the NPPL holder has met certain experience requirements including:

* A minimum of 40 hours total flight time in SSEA/ SEP class aeroplanes.

* A minimum of 10 hours solo flight time in SSEA/SEP class aeroplanes.

* A minimum of 5 hours solo cross country flight time in SSEA/SEP class aeroplanes.

* At least one cross country solo flight in an SSEA/SEP class aeroplane of 150 miles or more including full stop landings at two different aerodromes different to those of departure and final landing.

The above criterion are likely to be met by any pilot contemplating crossing the English Channel to France.

Please note there is a £15 fee to cover administration. You must return this with the application form and relevant paperwork.

Please refer to the Guidance Notes below.

Here are the forms:

Application Form

Guidance Notes

Payment Form

 LAA Ltd

15th July 2010