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We endevour to update this table on a daily basis. However, there are times when this will not be possible.

Q = Query Raised

R = Recommendation for issue of NPPL made to CAA

Applicant's Initials

Date Received


Recommendation sent to CAA

Mr P I 20 Jan R 20 Jan
Mr J W 20 Jan Q  
Mr MP D 14 Jan Q  
Mr JD F 07 Jan R 14 Jan
Mr JP B 21 Nov R 07 Jan
Mr DF L 20 Nov R 20 Nov
Mr A B 13 Nov R 02 Dec
Mr JT F 12 Nov R 13 Nov
Mr RA K 08 Nov R 22 Nov
Mr NI F 15 Oct Q  
Mr DM B 13 Sep Q  
Mr CP R 08 July Q  
Mr PG P 09 May R 18 Oct